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About Bizzuka
Bizzuka, Inc. specializes in Web-based applications for Web site and corporate intranets.

We were the first company in the Web services industry to provide an on-demand component-based architecture for content management.
Our powerful, yet flexible platform addresses your need for an affordable and reliable Web presence for your clients. With a focus on small- to medium-sized enterprises, we provide Fortune 500 technology at a fraction of the typical cost.

Our OnDeCC technology (On Demand Content and Components) is the culmination of over 8 years of work and in excess of $4 million in research and development.  Originally conceived as a developer's tool, the technology has evolved into a powerful toolset for non-technical Web site and intranet users and administrators.

Our mission is simple, to provide advertising and marketing professionals with an advanced, yet easy to use Web content management system that reduces cost and accelerates time to market.
The partnership we offer enables creative professionals to build better Web sites more easily and profitably, requiring fewer in-house resources. Our entire staff of professionals becomes your Web support team.


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